Normanhurst Boys High Parents and Citizens Association (or “Normo P&C”) is the community-based organisation that provides support and assistance to the staff and students of Normanhurst Boys High School. Membership is generally made up from (but not limited to) the parents and families of boys attending at “Normo”.

A major focus of the P&C is to provide financial and material support to the highly-skilled and dedicated staff of this fine establishment. Governments, both Federal and State, do provide funding for the school, and we have received some good funding programs, particularly in recent years. However, Government funding has to be spread through a large number of schools, and it will never be able to respond quickly to particular issues where extra resources are needed at short notice, or where a subject needs a particular piece of specialised equipment. If the P&C does not provide this support, then there is a real risk that the quality of the educational experience that the school can provide will eventually suffer. This is particularly the case in these times of rapid technological advancement. For example, less than a decade ago very few people had even heard of an interactive whiteboard (or “smartboard”), but now they are an essential piece of equipment in many classrooms, and the P&C has been instrumental in greatly increasing the number of smartboards at Normanhurst Boys.

The P&C does much more than raise money for the school. We also:

  • Arrange talks to provide information for parents on important subjects – not just about schooling and education, but about raising happy children in today’s complex world;
  • Act as the parents’ and families’ representative in the school community, and we encourage that sense of community by providing social occasions for families and friends.
  • Provide parent representation on School committees, such as staff and student selection committees, and where input from parents and the community is needed
  • Run the School Canteen, which is an award-winning establishment that provides terrific healthy food for the boys;
  • Provide support for functions at the school;
  • Have a vigorous program of improving and maintaining the school grounds through a series of “Grounds Days” involving families, boys and staff. There is one each term and they are held on a Saturday or Sunday morning;
  • Provide one-off funding and support for the costs of particular activities, such as when school representatives qualify to represent the school (and the State) at national competitions (which occurs relatively often); and
  • Hold monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of every month during term, in the library, often with a guest speaker.

The P&C acts as a link between the School and the community, by providing information in both directions, and tries to ensure that families feel welcomed into the School community, and have opportunities to participate in and contribute to their son’s education. Comments about how we can improve our communication and our support of the School and the families are always welcome. Please feel free to use this site to find out more about our organisation and the School.