Mathematics class at Normanhurst Boys High School

Providing the widest choice of courses to suit the learning needs of gifted boys

Courses and Subject Choices

Subject selection booklets for Year 9 and Years 11-12 can be downloaded from the file repository.

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The study of mathematics at Normanhurst Boys High School involves cohort-wide enrichment and acceleration, with a possibility of extra acceleration under exceptional circumstances.

Course Outlines

Course outlines and learning programs for each year can be found in the file repository.

Years 7-8

In Years 7-8, the Stage 4 Mathematics curriculum is supplemented by acceleration parts of Stage 5 (such as area and volume, advanced algebraic techniques and indices) as well as enrichment activities to engage the boys.

They are also encouraged to take part in Australian Mathematics Challenge Stage and also the Enrichment Stage, which is offered by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT).

Years 9-10

In Years 9-10, the Stage 5.1-5.3 course is the only course offered.

During these two years, all of the option topics in the Stage 5.3 syllabus are taught to equip our students for even more rigorous senior courses.

Years 11-12

The Year 11 and 12 courses offered are:

Under exceptional circumstances, Mathematics Standard (Year 11 Course) and Mathematics Standard 2 (Year 12 Course) may be arranged to be studied via distance education.

Help when it’s needed

The Mathematics Department also supports its students extensively online via the Edmodo eLearning platform, where we are able to respond in math symbols, such as \( x = \displaystyle \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{2a} \). Parents are also able to sign up for a parent account to view any teacher announcements. Information on how to do this is distributed at the commencement at each school year.


Human Society and Its Environment

Technological and Applied Studies

Visual Arts


Special Education: autism support unit (A Team)

The A Team at Normanhurst Boys High School delivers quality teaching and learning to students with special needs. It consists of three Autism Support Classes with a maximum number of 7 students per class.

The unit strives to work in partnership with parents, carers, external organisations and fellow teaching colleagues to develop unique and relevant learning experiences. Students can engage with a fulltime Life Skills pattern of study or a tailored program to their unique needs in which differentiated curriculum drives the teaching and learning process.

Our programs focus on providing a least restrictive environment in which many of our students can venture out into mainstream classes across faculties, based on their individual strengths and interests. The inclusion of students into mainstream classes and activities provides social and academic opportunities essential for the students’ individual success at school and in the future. As Normanhurst Boys High School is fully selective, opportunities for integration is dependent on availability.

The school also collaborates with others schools in the area to plan and prepare students for transition to their local high schools.

Ultimately, our classrooms are fun, innovative and embrace learning and pedagogy for success of the learner. Importantly, all the full time teachers within the A Team are specialised education practitioners.

For more information on Support classes in regular schools (subject to placement panel procedures) please visit the following Disability, Learning and support page from the Department of Education.


Our vision for the library is a modern, dynamic and multipurpose space where information and expert assistance can be accessed. Thanks to this vision and feedback we have received from students, teachers and parents we have been able to create a very productive environment that provides accessible areas for students to study, read books, play chess before, during and after school, plan group projects, practice presentations, hold meetings, catch up on school work, attend class, workshops and specialist presentations and much more.

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