At Normanhurst Boys we offer an extensive Curriculum which is constantly evaluated and tailored to meet student needs and interests. The dynamic nature of the pattern of study offered underpins our commitment to identification of needs of our boys and desire to provide “what works”.

We are committed to the provision of a curriculum pattern that generates strong engagement and an opportunity for the boys to immerse themselves in areas of learning where they can kindle an interest into academic excellence and a passion for life-long learning. In the senior school, an extensive amount of support and guidance is provided to student and parents in preparation for post-school academic options and access to highly sought after university Scholarships & awards. Part of this committment to preparation for tertiary study is providing the option for course acceleration (see page) for boys who demonstrate a particlar giftedness and readiness for the opportunity.

Normanhurst Boys enjoys a highly experienced teaching body that understands the needs of talented boys and is comprised of experts in their field. A strong school focus on Teacher Professional Learning and HSC marking experience across almost every KLA enables the delivery of curriculum which maximises the opportunity for students.

A summary of our current co-curricular opportunities is available here as a pdf.